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My 6th generation nano shut down on me two days ago while I was using it.  The song skipped a little, then stopped playing; the screen is now black with yellow, backwards writing (kind of looks like an old DOS screen), and I can't get it to do anything else.  If I leave it for long enough, it will power down; when I press the sleep/wake button, the Apple logo comes up for a few seconds, then it goes right back to that screen.  I hooked it up to my MacBook Pro, which first flashes a message saying it needs to be recovered; I click "proceed", and the next message is that the nano is "unrecognized".  I have tried to press the sleep/wake and volume down buttons simultaneously for > 10 seconds, which does nothing.  Anybody have any ideas/solutions?

Thanks, Paul

iPod nano, Mac OS X (10.7.3)