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Dear sir

I am having serious virus problem with my imac almost three days now, can turn it on off. I tried to reintalled Leopard X, it couldn't work and I couldn't take the disc out. I did know what to do. Please help me.

Thank you

iMac, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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    Not sure what the problem is but it is not a virus because macs don't have any viruses (currently) and (b) you said you tried to reinstall the system.  May be some hardware problem.


    Try pushing the mouse key down when you reboot to eject the dvd.


    Boot from you installer dvd and run disk utility on you boot drive to repair/verify the drive (not repair permissions).


    Boot from your second installer dvd with the D key pressed after the boot chime to run Apple Hardware Test.

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    Yes I managed to reject the dvd from the computer, Thank you very much. But in the middle of the screen,there's white big line (virus like) covered everything and you can't read through it.I think I might need help.

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    I agree the machine needs help, but that sounds like a video card or display problem, i.e., hardware. 


    Does the line show on your screen when you boot up Apple Hardware Test?  If so it is hardware.


    Try smc and pram reset


    Try booting in safe mode.