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Have been using a 2TB Time Capsule on aut backups since Nov 2009. Checked occasionally and could see backups going back to 2010. Not aware of any problems with the TC since buying it. However, now can see oldest backup is 28 Jan 2012 - there are bars higher up the side but no dates against them.


Any ideas on whether they are truly gone or what has happened would be appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Me too!!  It says that it's backing up 20.71 of 160.35 GB of data...but I had a full backup when I first set this unit up Fall 2011.  Now it's showing that I don't have a backup earlier than April 2012. 


    What happened?  I'm hoping someone can help us understand how to prevent this.  I'm scared.

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    Been digging further and reckon this might be the explanation




    Although it is certainly not what I wanted to hear, at least I maybe now know "why" it happened!


    C'est la vie as they say


    Just as an additional precaution I ran a verify on the TC yesterday.