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Ok, so maybe I'm missing the blindingly obvious here, but I have Genius turned on and am looking at a page of recommended iPad Apps in the App Store on my iPad. I see ones I'm not interested in, I click "Not Interested" and the button turns dark gray, but nothing updates.


I can go More, and Back, and the ones I've selected as Not Interested are still there. I can pick another category, I can then return to the category I was in, and ones I've marked as Not Interested are still displayed.


So ... how on earth do I get it to take note that I'm Not Interested? On my iPhone, it's easy, I swipe, I delete. I get to the end of the list, I can click on More Recommendations and the list is infinite... and the ones I'm not interested in don't come back. On the iPad, none of that exists, seems like a poor second cousin.


Am I missing something obvious here? I can't see any way of getting it to update its selections and it never has more than a dozen or so recommendations.


Thanks for any help

iPad, iOS 5.1
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