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About one week ago, the Mail software program on my iMac (running Lion 10.7.3) stopped updating my email from my Gmail account.  I didn't knowingly change any settings, either on Gmail or on Mail.  The Gmail updates as expected on both my iPhone and my iPad.


Does anyone have suggestions for settings I might check (or actions I might undertake) to resolve this?


Thank you so much!

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 (9,325 points)

    What's not updating? Can you recieve Mail? Are you getting error messages?

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    I do not receive Gmail but I do receive me.com mail and mail from a POP account.


    No error messages.


    I can send Gmail emails but the sent messages don't get updated in "Sent Mail" for Gmail.

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    You can't recieve GMail and you're not getting an error message? Right click on the GMail account under the inbox and see if it has a selection to take the account online or offline?


    Is Gmail setup as POP or IMAP?


    If IMAP, expand the gmail account at the bottom of the sidebar and see what mailboxes are there.

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    It does have the online/offline option.  It's online.  I've switched it on and off and on (multiple times in the past, trying to get it started again) and recreated a duplicate mailbox (which only exhibits the same behavior... able to send email but not able to download received emails).


    Gmail is set up as IMAP.


    The mailboxes at the bottom of the sidebar are...

    All Mail



    Sent Mail






    Thanks for your suggestions and pondering!

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    Well, I think I fixed it.


    Based on a suggestion in another thread, while we've been "talking", I rebuilt the mailboxes (using "Rebuild" command in the "Mailbox" menu) and now the Gmail incoming mail is shown.


    Thank you, Glenn.  I'll click "solved".

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 (9,325 points)

    Notice that your IMAP mailboxes for Sent Mail and Trash are still in the IMAP folder for that account. That means  those folders are not syncing with the website or any other device you're using with this account. Inbox is automatically set up with IMAP. All of the other mailboxes under Mail's main mailboxes for that account are only local mailboxes.

    If that's how you want it, that fine. If you want it to sync between all devices and website, you will need to map the IMAP mailboxes to Mail's main mailboxes.

    Ex: Select and highlight Sent Mail under IMAP folder, go to Mailboxes in the menu and choose Use This Mailbox For - Sent. The IMAP Sent Mail mailbox will be moved to Mail's Sent mailbox.