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kkkent Level 1 Level 1

Plz help I've lost my iPod and I don't know how to locate if there is any way like to call apple or something it has my name engraved in it but I don't know if that will help.


its a iPod 2 gen.

iPod touch
  • planb77 Level 7 Level 7

    If you did not set up FindMyiPod, then there is nothing else you can do other than report the incident to the local authorities and change the password to any and all accounts that may have been set up or used on the device. Apple can not do anything else for you.

    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product



  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9

    Apple doesn't have a recovery service for lost/stolen items.  Report the loss to the police, and lost&found if you lost it at a particular venue.

  • cliftonfromrichmond Level 3 Level 3

    You gotta go look for it, simple as that.  Apple isn't going to help.  They are too busy spending your money....

  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9

    cliftonfromrichmond wrote:


    Probably not the underlying reason.  Scenarios:


    - People would scream privacy violation if Apple logged your serial number every time you connected to Apple's site.


    - You tell Apple that somebody stole your iPod. You find it the next day on the kitchen table and forget to tell Apple. You sell it to me 3 months later. I log in and then sue Apple and you when the police come to me about having your stolen iPod.


    - Apple sets it up so they report to you when somebody logs in with your device.  You go to that house and get shot by the thieves. You sue Apple for placing you in a dangerous situation.


    There's no way any company is going to open themselves to this kind of mess.