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how do i install the reminders app

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    you don't.  It's part of the iOS

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    where/how do you find the reminders on the iphone4 - they only appear on my phone when an alert takes place from the reminders on my mac - when i click out of the reminders on the iphone, i can't get to the reminders until another alert is triggered. When i click on the ical icon on the main screen only the calendar appears with list, day and month options - no reminders are visible????...is something not dlownloaded correctly??...HELP

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    Reminder is a new app that comes with IOS 5.

    If you have the latest IOS:

    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout

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    it still didnt create the reminders list on my i phone4 - the only time the reminders list appears on my phone is when an alert has been triggered - otherwise the calendar icon only shows the list, day and month - no reminder option at all...however like i said when an alert is triggered...it appears on the phone exactly how i would expect it

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    Calendar and Reminder are two different apps.




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