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Ran through all the suggested fixes and some others. what is the real fix for itunes movie playback. Its choppy and out of sync. I pay good hard earned money for these movies instead of torrent rips. i do remember a time when the movies would play just fine and then???? it not like i can just convert due to the DRM and play on a seperate piece of software. Do i need the latest and greatest cpu? As stated the movies played a few versions ago and now just garbage. should i just no longer pay for movies and the like and just rip em? They will go on my devices once i convert them anyway...I know this sounds wrong on this forum  but does anyone know any software that can remove the DRM properly so that a paying customer like myself can watch a movie purchased from itunes.  Or is there another legal means to buy movies online without the BS of DRM and crumby itunes player. Id prefer a real fix for itunes however but this is runnimg on to long. im not the only one i know this heck i work with a few others who have similar playback issues.  Running out of patience can some solutions be presnted.

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