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There is clicking sound sounds like using teeth to click the edge of a glass cup coimg from inside of uni-body, when it sits on the movable surface such as my laps. I sent my Macbook Pro to Yoobee for asessment, but I was told the noise cannot be identified and it appears to be something from optical drive and fan. Besides as both of these contain moving parts making noise. The strangest thing is they told me there was no fault found. However it is really getting more annoying, since the sound seems getting more out of my endurance.

Moreover, now I take forever to shut down my notebook since it is always stuck in the scene of a spining circle after I click the button of "shut down". So I have to long press the power button on the uni-body to force it get shut. I have no idea if it is supposed to be relevant to the "clicking sound" issue, but I don't konw what to do after all the operating system seems run as normal plus the Yoobee told me it's all right!