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Hi, this question goes out to those in this forum who reside in Canada and have bought ram for their Mac minis online. I am looking for a reputable dealer within Canada, for ease of shipping. I'm looking to upgrade my 256mb ram to 1gig as it would be the most bang for the buck. I have read that many people have had problems with the ram they bought and installed in their Macs because the minis are very selective on the quality of the sticks.

I would rather not have to order any from the US companies who ship to Canada not only because of shipping but because of the exchange rate and I'd rather support the Canadian economy even if the company is american, no offence.

Query: (a) Name and Website
(b) Brand and Model

Thanks for any help rendered.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.3.9), 1.42 GHz PowerPc G4 256 MB DDR SDRAM 80GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive