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On the new iPad when I add video it keeps cropping the top and bottom off. Because of this from the shoulders up on most of my videos are cut off as well as about the shin level. Is there a way to fix this? If not this is a major blow to how I felt about paying for this app. Reading about it was about everything I wanted in an app, but how can I make movies and such with no heads?

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    Are you shooting the videos vertical (tall)?


    iMovie edits video for TVs, so can only handle videos that are wide, and can only export wide.

    This is a limitation that is not specifically said in the literature as far as I can tell.


    If you bought the app recently, you can ask for a refund:


    • First, open iTunes and select the iTunes Store link in the left-hand column
    • Near the top right corner, click the arrow next to your user name (email address) and then selectAccount

    iPhone App Refund

    • About half way down the screen, click the Purchase History button

    iPhone App Refund

    • In the bottom portion of the screen, you will see your App Store purchase history -- click the Report a Problem button

    iPhone App Refund

    • Locate the iTunes invoice with the application you would like a refund for, and click the Report a Problem link

    iPhone App Refund

    • Fill out the form that follows and be sure to be as detailed as possible -- when finished, click Next

    iPhone App Refund

    If your reason for requesting a refund is valid, Apple should respond within a few days and process your refund within a week.

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    Ok, thank you for letting me know. I'll have to find a way to be able to shoot more videos horizontally. The ones I have done so far are verticle. I'm doing videos of my workouts so I have it propped up. I'll have to find a location to get it set up where I fit in the screen horizontal. I'll try that first.

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    Televisions are wide, so that is the reason it's good practise to always shoot wide.


    Most computer screens are also wide, it's really only good to have tall video on tablets when they are watched in portrait view.


    I make it a rule to never shoot tall video because of this.

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    Will it play correct , ie with person head showing if exported to YouTube ?