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After years of displaying correctly, my podcast image is now missing and seems to have been replaced by the default iTunes image in the iTunes store.  Here is the feed:  http://moneypit.com/show/moneypit_podcast.xml.  Would appreciate any suggestions on why this happened and how to resolve it.  I have confirmed that the image still exists on the server.  Thanks in advance to anyone can assist!

Reply by Roger Wilmut1 on Apr 25, 2012 5:21 AM Helpful

I can't answer why this has happened: the image is correctly referenced in the feed. However it's a GIF; strictly speaking Apple's specification says it should be a JPEG or a PNG - however if it's been working up to now that doesn't necessarily explain things.


Anyway, I should change the image for a JPEG - ideally it should be 600 x 600 - and hope that that does it: expect it to take some days before the image appears.

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