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Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone can help me?


I am recording using a Sony HDR-PJ10E in 1080/50i, I then capture using the standard log and transfer way. The problem is when I come to exporting, the edited or unedited footage for that matter is inerlaced. I know the that shooting in 1080/50i the footage will be interlaced but can be sorted in exporting. I have tired numerous amount of different setting  and codecs for importing and exporting but as yet none of them have worked. I have managed to remove the interlacing using compressor but this then introduces pixelation. In final cut pro it's self the footage plays back without interlacing.


Just to check the footage and the computer works, I imported and exported the same footage in imovie with no problems. But the thing with imovie is the setting for importing can't be changed. I again done the same test this time with a different computer and final cut pro x and again had no problems but again the importing setting chant be change.



Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.


Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.7)
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