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    Man! You are million miles ahead! (as we say in italy, hope you'll understand!)

    This IS the solution!

    Thank you VERY much!

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    Thanks for the correction. One more reason for me to get a Mac, though I'm not sure that one is good enough to get my boss to pay for it.



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    One more reason for me to get a Mac, though I'm not sure that one is good enough to get my boss to pay for it.


    You might be pleasantly surprised - but I would not recommend to start your mac experience with unhiding hidden library items of all things!   

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    If you can't tear it apart to find out how it works then what's the point?



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    If you can't tear it apart to find out how it works then what's the point?

    True, but you can get some fun out of it by simply using it - and if you do not tear it apart, you will be able to use it longer.


    But I have to confess, I still have a Linux PC in my study, 18 years old, but still working, designed and built from hand picked parts. Easy to take apart and study.

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    Now connect your iPad to iTunes, select the Apps tab, scroll down to the File Sharingarea, locate GarageBand within that, and copy your project out to your Mac. You should be able to edit this file in GarageBand."


    I was doing fine until I got to scroll down to the File Sharing area. I don't see that in my iTunes--not on my Mac nor on my iPad. I assume you mean on the Mac--and all I see there is a list of my Apps. Did I somehow make it invisible?



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    Your "File Sharing" area should look like this:



    And when you select "GarageBand", your songs should be revealed.


    If not, check your iCloud settings in the System Preferences on your Mac: Are you signed in to iCloud using the same AppleID as on your iPad? And have you enabled "Documents & Data" in the iCloud settings?




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    Heres another method

    If you would like to view your Garageband files on a Mac OSX device, do the following:


    Make sure you have already enabled iCloud on your iOS device. Google it if you're not sure how

    Upload your files to be sent to iCloud

    Go over to your mac and on the Finder menu bar, click on Go

    Hold down the option(alt) key and the Library option should appear

    Click it and follow the following pathway

    Library>Mobile Documents> *lettersandnumbers*~com~apple~mobilegarageband>Documents

    Now you should see your files. Upon opening, your Garageband will update itself to allow compatibility between files

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    Thanks for this, LeonieDF. The answer to the question of "Why not use iTunes" is that I wanted to copy the GarageBand file from my iPad to a computer other than the one with which my iPad is sync'ed.


    For probably good reasons, Apple makes it exceedingly difficult to do anything useful between an iOS device and computer that is not its sync host. For those of us with work and personal Macs but only one set of mobile devices, this is a constant annoyance.

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    Garageband is great for quick making of drafts, to test arrangements. Therefore, an easy way to share a garageband project from my iPad to another persons iPad would be great. Say, I record a song, to check if the arrangement works out. I want to send it to another person, who quickly should add the vocals. Then, this person should send the project back to me, so I can adjust the arrangement to fit the vocals. An effective way of preparing for a band practice, or writing songs together.


    Or a way of jamming with someone without having to work synchronic.


    How do I easily share a project with another persons iPad?


    When I save my project to iCloud, I can mark the file in Finder, and select Share by iMessage. This is the way of doing it? No quick way of sharing directly from an iPad to another?

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    TT2. Re your first reply,I have shared the song to iTunes/garageband etc. when I connect to iTunes I don't have Ann 'apps' tab. Have I missed something here?

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    You need to access the device in iTunes, and then the Apps tab withing the device section. Should look similar to Leonie's post above.



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    Thank you for the reply. I think it's the finding the device on the mac I'm missing. Leonids post looks like when I have my iPod  connected to the mac but I haven't connected the ipad in a similar manner so i will get to work on how to make that happen. Thank you again for the help

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    Learning more as I go. Hooked up Bluetooth etc with mac but trying to browse the device gets a message saying the device does not have the necessary services. The ipad also disconnects from the mac Bluetooth after a minute or so. I'm gonna sleep on it