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    You need to connect the device via a USB cable, or over Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.



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    All now makes sense. Had the ipad six months and had not connected it to the mac before. Thanks for the replys to what must have seemed an inane question.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (59,835 points)

    You're welcome.



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    No one of you have answered the real question, you all go to optional ways, but the real thing is that there are a lot of us who have trust on moving and uploading songs to icloud hopping that we were going to be able to get it downloaded then to our other devices via icloud, or to free some space on our ipads and then just download only what we want to work on, so the results is that we have lost our songs and they appear to be on icloud, but is impossible to get them back from there.


    Maybe some day Apple will find that little piece of apple that is lost, that some one ate, and may be that day we are going to be able to get our songs back!!!

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    If you are trying to work on the GB files in your computer, synch with iTunes or a 3rd-party app called DiskAid. In your iPad, click on EDIT, then select the file you wish to move to the computer, then click the little arrow and choose SHARE SONG VIA iTunes.  Then choose GARAGE BAND as the file type (not iTunes, which will make an AAC file). Then go into iTunes on your computer and under APPs, fo to FILE SHARING. Highlight Garage Band. In the window to the right, you'll see all the files you have shared from your iOs to your computer.  In that side window, select the file(s) you'd like to save to the computer and scroll down and click SAVE AS. Then choose a destination on your drive to save the file(s).  If you don't do this step and then you delete the files from the iPad, the files in FILE SHARING will also DISAPPEAR. Best wishes to you!

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    Sooo.. . . this is cool and all. . .  but how about the other way around? can we transfer from the mac to the ipad?

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    By syncing with iCloud. If you drop your GarageBand project into  the GarageBand folder in the "Mobile Documents" folder, see my post on the first page of this thread:

    Re: Moving Garage Band files from iPad to iMac via iCloud?.

    But this will only succeed with GarageBand projects that initially have been created on the iPad, if you sync it from your iPad to the mac, then edit it on the mac and want to sync the changes back.

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    Here is the easiest solution I have found yet, courtesy of my tech guru friend, George Litterst:




    There, you will see a complete list of all Garage Band files on your iPad.


    NOTE: If you don't see all of these menu items, go to DISK AID PREFERENCES and check the box for SHOW ROOT PATHS FOR APPS


    Once you see all of those files in a list, simply highlight all of them and click on COPY TO MAC, choose a destination folder and VOILA! They are moved to a folder within your mac or on an auxiliary drive.


    NOTE: the danger in using iCloud (as mentioned in some previous answers) is that you may share your items with iCloud, but if you delete from the iPad, they are also deleted from iCloud.  That brings up the biggest issue:  iCloud does NOT function like MobileMe used to function.  Be careful!

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    Just to make this clear for people:


    1. On ipad: in 'my songs' press and hold the song you'd like to share

    2. Press the box with a narrow pointing up icon (share)

    3. Press iTunes even though it's grey

    4. Choose GarageBand

    5. Connect to mac via USB ipad cable that came with the ipad

    6. ON THE MAC: open iTunes

    7. Click devices and choose your ipad

    8. Near the top of the screen in iTunes on your mac, click apps

    9. Scroll down to your apps and file sharing area

    10. Choose your song and save!

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    All this works fine but my MacBook Pro won't open the band file and I get his message...

    This song requires a newer version of GarageBand. Please update to the latest version of GarageBand before opening this song.


    However, the system software update says all software is up to date.


    Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?


    Thanks in advance...

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    I'm also having the same problem as bowl of soup. doing everything to sync the files but keep getting told I need a newer version of Garageband.

    have the latest iOS version on my iPad2 and 6.05 on the iMac (thats running Lion, so this version of Garageband is the most up to date I can run)

    I've also seen the message that GB needs to uodate for ios devices, and have downloaded that but it hasnt seemed to have worked




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    this song requires a newer version of GarageBand. Please update to the latest version of GarageBand before opening this song.


    However, the system software update says all software is up to date.

    But what is your MacOS X version? If the GarageBand iPad project has been created in GarageBand 2.0 on the iPad, you will need GarageBand 10.0 on your Mac and not the older GarageBand '11 (6.0.5)

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    I've just loaded iWork's 11, and then went thru all the updates of that version. When I go to about garage and it says version 6.05



  • léonie Level 9 Level 9 (77,840 points)

    GarageBand 10.0 is an upgrade and not an update. It is a completely new release. You will find it on the opening "Featured" page of the AppStore, not on the Updates page. You have to buy an upgrade, but the GarageBand 10.0  Upgrade is free with Mavericks.



    If you decide to install this upgrade, do not on any account delete the previous version GarageBand '11. The new version is very different, and some features are missing, so you will want to keep version '11 to be able to work with your current projects.

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    Was really hoping that wasn't the case!!!!

    My imac is a 2006 model and won't run anything later then lion. That version of GarageBand won't work


    Thanks for your replies