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As a long-time newbie to Numbers 2.1, I came across a long-term problem I haven't been able to solve:


How do I calculate the fuel-consumption of my car based on refuel-amount and mileage indicator?


I think I should do as follow:


purchased_fuel / (recent_mileage - previous_mileage), but I don't find a clue to do an automated (recent_mileage - previous_mileage) in Numbers!


Any help?


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    Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 4.55.40 PM.png

    Here is a table that perfroms the math to compute MPG (Miles Per Gallon):



    this means in cell D3 type (or paste from this post) "=(C3-C2)/B3" without the double quotes

    to "expand" the formula, more properly known as fill then formula, select the cell D3, grab (click and hold) the little circle at the bottom-right of the cell and drag down as shown.  One comment I have is that my car has a an odometer and two trip counters (A and B). I use "B" to keep track of mileage since the last fillup so rather than typing Odometer readings in I type the trip mileage.


    In this case you would change the name of column C and the formula would be:


  • david braun Level 4 (2,325 points)

    Hi Wayne!




    It is so obvious I'd "never" found the solution on my own.

    Thanks very much!


    PS My car of course has the trip counter too (an old fashioned mechanical one), but since I often forget to reset it, I just don't trust it and prefer to rely on the odometer...