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I got an ipod touch 4g for christmas and made the mistake of trying to clean it with water. It still functions but my home button will not work and my ipod charges very sporadically (so it is basically a miracle if it charges). The water sensor in the headphone jack was tripped so i know that there is little hope for me. Is there any way to receive a discount if i plan on buying another one? I heard that i can recycle it for 10% off but i also heard someone got up to 50% off though i assume that his/her ipod was actually working properly. Any suggestions are helpful. Also, the water damage did not seem to set in right away becasue my ipod still charged and the home button worked properly for 1-2 weeks after the incident. Last bit of info, the incident took place about a month and a half ago if that helps anyone with their suggestion.

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 5.1
Reply by James5wins on Apr 25, 2012 6:43 PM Helpful

so whatevr u do next, the best way to clean your ipod is not using water


*Keep liquids away from the product.

*use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth

Reply by tyler39 on Apr 25, 2012 6:33 PM Helpful

I would give at least 10%. But that's me and not Apple and Technecly they don't have to do anything for you. But the genius' are very nice so that will do there best.

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