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Hello everybody!


I'm having problems with my AutoCAD WS app. I can't open dwg files wich are sent to me as email attacment. The file just appears as blue box with question mark in it.


I have no problems when i recieve photos with email or .doc or pdf. They all appear and open as they should but only .dwg files have the issue.



I have tried multiple times to insall and uninstall directly from phone and trough PC itunes and still no luck.



Phone is iPhone 4 with 5.0.1



Best wishes




iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    DoubleCAD XT: Including this in a Free .DWG viewer category is almost insulting it, as it is a full fledged 2D Drafting tool like AutoCAD LT. It is completely free. It can indeed open your .DWG files, and you can also edit them. It can also import Google Skethup files, and do a lot more. Read more about this fantastic software here.

    Autodesk DWG TrueView: This is a free DWG viewer from Autodesk. It is not just a DWG viewer, but also a CAD file conversion software for translating any AutoCAD design application or AutoCAD-based drawing file for compatibility.

    Autodesk Design Review: This also comes from the house of Autodesk. It is an integrated, all-digital way to view, print, mark up, and compare versions of 2D and 3D drawings, maps, and models—without the original design-creation software.

    eDrawings Viewer: This comes from house of SolidWorks. eDrawings Viewer allows convenient viewing of native AutoCAD files (DWG and DXFT) and native SolidWorks parts, assemblies, and drawings.

    Bentley View: Bentley View is a free DWG, DGN and CAD File Viewer. It’s the best tool for projects that require a powerful viewing, measuring, and printing application for MicroStation, AutoCAD, or hybrid projects.

    Varicad Viewer: Varicad Viewer is a scaled-down version of VariCAD. It can open STEP (3D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D), Varicad, and IGES (2D) files.

    Free DWG Viewer: This free DWG viewer can view and measure DWG, DXF, and DWF files. It has XRef support to view layers & block attributes.

    pls try one of the above..as an alternate solution ,if none of them are able to open it ...then pls let me know

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    None of them can be installed to iPhone. Please read my post again.

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    k..but can u open the file(attahment u recieved) on your pc/mac?

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    Yes I can. I have no problems opening the file from my computer. Also i have tried diferent computers to open that file and and having no problems.

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    is autocad ws updated....cuz sometimes it works properly when updated...

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    I just noticed that I have similar issue with zip files.


    I'll try restoring.