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i have been spending ages and a bit of money trying to get my LG tv linked up to my 2008 iMac. i have had advise from the guys at apple and bought a mini dvi to dvi adapter and a dvi to hdmi adapter. i was assured this would work but so far all i get is my desk top and when i play a film it plays fine (acting as another monitor) but the sound is still coming out of my imac.


am i wrong in thinking you can get the sound to come out of the tv? do i just need to set up some speakers under my tv and connect my imac to them so if feels like the sound is coming out the tv? obviously i dont want to do that, i want the sound to come out of my tv!


please if anyone can help it would be brilliant.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You are wrong in thinking you can get sound through DVI, which you cannot.


    You will need to use your stereo audio out to pass audio to your TV.  If you have optical out you can use that instead for digital audio as opposed to analog stereo audio.


    There is also the following possible alternative to using your mini-DVI as the video out.


    USB 2.0 to HDMI Audio Video 1080P Adapter for Windows and Macbook


    Note, if you are not using your TV all the time as a second monitor to your imac I recommend using SwitchResX.  Then you can configure it to enable/disable the TV without having to connect and disconnect the cables or fiddling with system preferences to switch video and audio configurations.  Once configured you can do the switching back and forth just by using a menu or a hot key.

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    this ll help only if u dont use dvi cables


    see here if u get ur tv name or something...and select that...

    and yeah dvi dosent carry audio...so i think u should get some other cable for this purpose...