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Halla2k Level 1 (0 points)

Hi I'm trying to foind the best font for a resume in pages, that hopefully converst well to word/pdf.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • fruhulda Level 6 (15,120 points)

    What is your definition of "best font"?

  • Halla2k Level 1 (0 points)

    Most visually pleasing and attracts the eye.

  • fruhulda Level 6 (15,120 points)

    It is a very personal view what is pleasing and attracts the eye. Use a font that is easy to read without any fancy stuff. Also fonts isn't behaving differently in Pages compared to other applications using the same font.

  • Halla2k Level 1 (0 points)

    That doesnt really help me. I was looking for advice from someone who had tried out a few, save me trawling through the complete list!!

  • fruhulda Level 6 (15,120 points)

    You have to understand that what is best for you might not be the best for those who read your resume.

  • Michael Wasley Level 5 (6,805 points)

    Halla2k wrote:


    Most visually pleasing and attracts the eye.

    Whilst appearance plays a part (and don't forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder) I would suggest the main issue is readability.


    That may create a dilemma for you with a PDF as serif fonts are more readable on paper, but sans serif fonts are more readable on screen.

  • Cattus Thraex Level 4 (1,715 points)

    Nobody can answer your question. There are two basic categories of fonts: 1. with serifs (i.e. with a small turn at the and of letters) and 2. sans serif or Swiss fonts, without the named turn. Other categories are symbols, ornaments etc. As Michael pointed out, Swiss fonts are best for reading on screen (that is why Arial, Helvetica or Lucida Grande are used for this purpose, mainly), whereas serif fonts are for printed stuff. Fonts in this latter category are Times family, Palatino, Baskerville, Didot etc.

    a special category of serif fonts is represented by fonts imitating the older typewriters (Courier family or American Typewriter).

    Now, tell us what you want to print: if a novel, a standard serif font would look best, if a menu in a restaurant, you may perhaps wish an ornament combined with a Swiss font or any other fancy combination you imagine.

  • Jeff Shenk Level 4 (2,700 points)

    Well, Apple have provide seventeen resume templates where they have picked the styles (such as the font) and the layout and you provide the content. If none of them appeal to you, it is unlikely that anyone here can do a better job of guessing what you want.

  • Dale Gillard Level 5 (4,365 points)

    I'm trying to foind the best font for a resume in pages, that hopefully converst well to word/pdf


    You don't need to choose a font that "converts well to PDF". When you save an iWork document as a PDF, the fonts you used in your iWork document are embedded in the PDF. This means you can send the PDF to another person and they can view the PDF exactly as you would, even if they don't have your fonts installed on their Mac or PC.


    However, you do need to choose your fonts wisely if you're saving an iWork document as a Microsoft Word document. You need to consider what fonts the person has installed on their PC or Mac. If you pick a font that's standard on PCs and Macs you should get by OK eg Arial, etc. If you do a Google search you'll be able to find a list of fonts installed on PCs by Microsoft and on Macs by Apple. You'll also find a list of what fonts are installed when you buy the PC version of Word and the Mac version of Word.


    You'll also want to consider the general question of what style of font you should use. (Most other replies in this thread are about this issue.) Some fonts are formal, casual, easier to read, etc. This is a matter of personal choice, the purpose of the document and the audience.

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    Do you need us to tell you what trousers to put on or what to eat tonight?


    The choices are infinite.


    I might have excellent taste, or I might have shocking taste. Why would you listen to me?