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I've searched the discussions in the iWeb forum and have followed steps to transfer everything, but I'm still having problems getting iWeb to open up the most recent version of my site after transferring files from my old Mac to my new Mac.


My old Mac is running OS 10.4.1 and my new Mac is running OSX 10.6.8. Older version of iWeb is 1.01 and newer version of iWeb I'm using is 3.0.4.


I have copied all support files including "domain.site" file from my old Mac and placed "domain.site" file into my new Mac under User/Library/Application Support/iWeb. When I open iWeb on my new Mac it continues to open an older version of the site I've created.


The strange thing is that the date for "domain.site" file on my old Mac shows it is from 12/6/06, but I've updated the site many times since then. I've even saved all site pages and republished site today, but it still shows an older date. Also, I made a copy of iWeb preference file under Home Folder/Library/Preferences/ and threw it away, but it didn't help.


Any suggestions would be helpful because I want to be able to update site on my new Mac and don't want to have to recreate it. Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Are all of the domain files named differently and located in your Users/Home/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder?  If not try this: 


    1 - put a copy of each domain file in that folder and rename them to indicate the website inside.


    2 - download and use iWeb Multi Domain to open domain files with iWeb and to switch between them.  You can download it from  Toad's Cellar


    It's just an Applescript offered by Cyclosaurus primarily for use with Lion but works fine with all system versions.  It might just be what's needed for you to change domain files.



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    Tried your suggestion, but still same issues. The problem seems to be that even though I can open iWeb on my older Mac and update my site, the "domain.site" file on my older Mac is not being updated somehow (or at least shows an old date).


    Very odd since each time I open iWeb on my older Mac, it is the most recent version of the site. I thought iWeb looks for this "domain.site" file and uses it to open most recent version?


    Is it possible that the "domain.site" file is being saved somewhere else? I did a find file search in my old Mac and nothing comes up other than file that is in User/Library/Application Support/iWeb.



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    Spotlight can't search all areas of the hard drive.  Download and use  Find Any File to search for "Domain.sites". 

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    Downloaded Find Any File and only file that it shows is the current one under User/Library/Application Support/iWeb thast has older date.


    I'm at a loss...

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    Give this a try:


    1. move the domain file from your Home/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder to the Desktop.
    2. launch iWeb, create a new test site, save the new domain file and close iWeb.
    3. go to the your Home/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder and delete the new domain file.
    4. move your original domain file from the Desktop to the iWeb folder.
    5. launch iWeb and try again.
  • Jon Lagda Level 1 (5 points)

    Tried your last suggestion. Still not working

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,334 points)

    Try the application described below.  It was designed primarily for use with Lion but works with all system versions.


    To open your domain file in Lion or to switch between multiple domain files Cyclosaurus has provided us with the following script that you can make into an Applescript application with Script Editor. Open Script Editor, copy and paste the script below into Script Editor's window and save as an application.

    do shell script "/usr/bin/defaults write com.apple.iWeb iWebDefaultsDocumentPath -boolean no"

    delay 1

    tell application "iWeb" to activate


    You can download an already compiled version with this link: iWeb Switch Domain.


    Just launch the application, find and select the domain file you want to open and it will open with iWeb. It modifies the iWeb preference file each time it's launched so one can switch between domain files.

    WARNING: iWeb Switch Domain will overwrite an existing Domain.sites2 file if you select to create a new domain in the same folder.  So rename your domain files once they've been created to something other than the default name.