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I have to position some official "error pages" on our Lion Server's Apache web server in (as I understand it) the ".htaccess file" so the "Not Found" error message doesn’t display the Apache Version and ports information for 400, 404, 500, etc. errors.  Our Web administrator says he'll give me some temporary html files later to place into a directory I need to create called "errors" and to paste the following into the .htaccess file file:


# Copy and Paste this into your .htaccess


ErrorDocument 503 /errors/503.html

ErrorDocument 401 /errors/401.html

ErrorDocument 500 /errors/500.html

ErrorDocument 301 /errors/301.html

ErrorDocument 403 /errors/403.html

ErrorDocument 400 /errors/400.html

ErrorDocument 408 /errors/408.html

ErrorDocument 302 /errors/302.html

ErrorDocument 405 /errors/405.html

ErrorDocument 415 /errors/415.html

ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.html

ErrorDocument 501 /errors/501.html

ErrorDocument 502 /errors/502.html

ErrorDocument 504 /errors/504.html

ErrorDocument 505 /errors/505.html


What's the path to the .htaccess file and can this be done easily throgh the standard Terminal editors? 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)