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If you restore your ipad, does all your data get deleted?

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    If restored as new; Yes

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    If you restore from a backup - all settings and data are retained.


    A common troubleshooting process would be to backup your iPad and then restore to factory settings and then restore from the backup.


    Do you have an issue causing you to think about restoring your iPad?

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    I just got my iPad yesterday (yay!), so its possible to restore from my iPod backup after I setup by iPad install apps etc and have only the difference applied, like my game saves being copied over from my iPod? I'm apprehensive about trying it.



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    When I got and iPod Touch last year for Christmas, I restore it from the backup of my iPad and it went flawlessly.


    If you want to restore your iPad from the iPod backup, you can do that as well. Bear in mind that your iPod apps will appear in iPod size on the iPad meaning that they will only take up half of the screen. They will work, but they will be smaller. If they are universal apps, then they will appear in the native iPad full screen size.


    If you choose to restore from the back, make sure that you sync the iPod one last time and then when you set up the iPad you can choose to set it up as new or restore from the backup of the iPod. If you do restore from the backup, follow that with a sync with iTunes as well.

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    Thanks for your answer! I confidently restored from my iPod and it worked out exactly as you said, my level 78 Infinity Blade 2 character is now playable on my iPad, totally awesome, what a relief!!

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    would this troubleshooting solution solve the "other storage" that takes up 15gb of storage on my ipad? my ipad is out of space right now beause the "other storage" is taking up so much. I know that much of the system's informaition is stored in this, but not 15gb. I had the same problem with my iphone, but the "other storage" was taking up so much that in iTunes it actually said I was 1.5gb OVER the capacity! So, I backed it up to iTunes, restored it to Factory settings, and went to restore it to my backup, but it wouldn't let me. I'm guessing it wouldnt let me because the storage was 1.5gb over what's allowed. If that's the reason, than there are two concerns I have. 1. does restoring it to the backup bring with it the "other storage" im trying to get rid of?

    2. and two, even though iTunes doesn't say that my ipad's storage is over like my iphone was, I dont want to get stuck in the factory restore and lose all my apps, music, etc.


    If im just confused and getting something wrong, than please tell me! any help in clarifying what my problem is and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    This could solve the "other" problem that you are experiencing right now. You really have nothing to lose by trying.


    Backup the iPad, restore to factory settings and then restore from the backup after you restore to factory settings to recover everything. You will also have to sync with iTunes in order to get your apps, music, etc back onto the device after restoring from the backup.


    That may totally solve the problem. But, on the other hand, as you mentioned, if the backup itself is the culprit - meaning that the backup is corrupt - when you restore from that backup, you could be right back where you started.


    Sometimes, when the "other" cannot be fixed any other way, you do have to restore to factory settings and NOT restore from the backup. Obviously you will lose all data when you do this, but you can still sync your iTunes content back to the iPad and you will not lose any music, apps, books and so on, as long as they are in iTunes on your computer.


    Most purchased content can be downloaded again at no charge as long as you use the same Apple ID and as long as the content is still available in the store in which you bought it (Music in iTunes, apps in the App Store ...)


    If that does not answer your question, just post again and I will do what I can to help you further.

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    Hey Spazzy,


    With almost every modern device, you MUST backup your device before restoring it. That way when you wipe it to factory setting or simply deete the data inside you get to resore all your data and setting from the backup.


    I hope this helps, if stuck i am happy to help.


    Best of luck.

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    what if i restored after an update? will the pictures be deleted? i wud appreciate ur immediate reply..thank you

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    gud morning. i have a question.

    i just updated my ipad, afet the update was complete, it ask me to restore, problem is, im worried about the pictures in it, will it be deleted after restoring?