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My 4th gen iPod Touch no longer recognizes my USB cables. They won't work through my computers and they won't work through a wall charger. My iPod charges fine through my JBL Sound Stage, it's just a problem with the cables. If I plug either cable into my iPod, nothing happens. No beeps, no messages, no charging screen, nothing.


I think I can pinpoint the problem until shortly after I purchased a spare cable, but that may very well be a coincidence. I've been using a third party wall charger, so that could be an issue as well- but it has never been a problem until after I purchased the new cable (can cables "burn out"?). I'd reset my iPod, but I need a cable to do that. So far I've just been charging via my JBL Sound Stage and syncing over WiFi.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1