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I cannot connect my ACER laptop using WinXP Sp2 to my Mac's Airport Extreme. I have set my System Preferences with a third party 13 character password. I did not make any changes to my Airport Admin Utility. I followed the steps laid out in the site: //www.ifelix.co.uk/tech/1011.html. I think I'm just probably missing one button to click or unclick. I have done the following to configure the Wireless properties on my ACER...so that the network authentication is selected at SHARED, the Data Encrytion is set at WEP; disable the IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network; and connect to wireless network manually. All this was recommended in the felix site and other help files but I cannot make the connection. Also, when the properties are set like I mention, for some reason ACER kicks everything to its default settings (WPA-PSK authentication, TKIP encryption, IEEE 802.1x authenication enabled....all I don't want)

What am I doing wrong? I know that Window XP SP2 does not need the windows firmware to get access to my mac airport extreme.

Help someone? PLEASSSE!


iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9), iport extreme
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    1, Change your airport wireless security from WEP (old fashion and not really that secure) to "WPA Personal".
    2, Set yourself a password, then update your airport.
    3, Delete your current wireless setting on your XP then do a new network search
    4, You should found your airport wireless network on your xp by now, click, to join the network and type in and confirm the password you just set on your airport's "wirless security".
    5. Done, you should be able to access the network now