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Will someone please tell me how to upgrade my 2 gen ipod touch to iOS 4.2.1.  I know I cannot upgrade to iOS 5 and that's OK, it seems every link through Apple brings me to the iOS 5 page.

iPod touch, iOS 3.0.1
  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10

    Are you sure you have a 2G iPod? See:

    Identifying iPod models

    A 1G can only go to iOS 3.1.3 that you get here:

    Purchasing iOS 3.1 Software Update for iPod touch (1st generation)

    The computer need iTunes 10.x to get iOS 4.2.1

    What happens when you try to update via iTunes?

    What computer OS and version? What version of iTunes?

  • Pinspector Level 1 Level 1

    Is model MB533LL second generation?  Is so, then yes, it's second generation.

    When I plug the ipod into my iMAC, it just charges the ipod.  There has to be an easy way to do this.  Only reason I need to upgrade is OS is because I cannot play Words With Friends anymore without the OS upgrade.  Can you help?

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    Googling shows you have a 2G iPod.

    What computer OS do you have? You need 10.5.8 or later.

    What version of iTunes?

    Also see:

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X

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    No, Sorry, you are of no help.  I guess I'll just have to haul this ipod to the nearest Apple store and ask for help in person.

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    lllaass is just a fellow user helping out to be friendly - no one here gets paid to help in these forums - so there's no need to be rude. Even if the suggestions lllaass made didn't help, you still should say "thank you"; that's simple courtesy.

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    I apologize for being out of line.  I was frustrated because no one was able to help with, what I thought was a pretty simple request.  Paid?  I never thought anyone was paid.  If they were, they should thank me for paying them, or is that totally backward as well?


    Rude!  If you think that what I said was rude, you have a whole world awaiting you..  OK, Thank you for not helping.


    Review what lllaass said to me.  Did he, or she actually help in any way?  Did they provide a suggestion?  NO.


    Little thicker skin might help also.



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    You have not answered the questions I asked. I need more information to help you.

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    Did he, or she actually help in any way?  Did they provide a suggestion?  NO.


    lllaass provided information and asked some questions about your setup to try and provide more specific assistance, questions which you did not answer and instead came back with a rude reply. So I ask you; did no provide sufficient information for anyone to help you? NO. Were you polite when someone did try to help you, someone who owed you not one second of their time but was kind enough to try? NO.


    Anyway, I'm done here. I certainly won't waste any of my time should you ever post another question, since you clearly are ungrateful for the attempts people do make. Good luck finding help elsewhere; you'll need luck when you carry an attitude when you're asking people to give of their own time and effort to help you.

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    Pinspector wrote:


    Little thicker skin might help also.


    ... or in your case, a thinner one.


    You have been unbelievably rude. Both Illaass and varjak paw have helped a lot of people in the past, just look at how many points they have - from people who have "given them points" - because they have been helped.



    Pinspector wrote:



    A blessing in disguise, if ever I saw one!

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    You need iPod touch 3rd generation, iTunes, and charging cable for ipod then you plug the cable in and go to the ipod thing then click check for updates and there will be ios 5.1.1 or something