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Hello everyone.

I have a Safari 5.1.5 installed on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. The last version of Safari which really worked well on my PC was, ironically, Safari 4 Beta. It was stable, it wasn't crashing and it was a pleasure to use it. ;D Ever since Safari 4, stable version, I've had many problems w/ it. 4, in any possible version, was unusable on my PC. 5 is much better when it comes to reliability. The only problem - or rather, two problems - lies within the fact that from time to time [quite possibly every couple of hours or so] I get an information abt WebKit Engine's crash. It first manifests itself by website turning black, then every opened tab's content gets white and I get a crash report. I then have to click on every tab, the website refreshes itself and everything is fine until the next crash. Also, instead of appearing as 1 window, Safari on my system shows every opened tab as a group of separate windows within the taskbar.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, repairing and other stuff but nothing seems to be working. ;( I really hate it because Safari is quite possibly my favourite web browser and am not exactly feeling the love right now.


Thanks in advance for the help,


Safari 5, Windows 7