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cost messag after the call don't work on iphone 4s .. i am using network vodafone .......help me please.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10 (94,115 points)

    No idea what you are asking.  Please explain.

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    when i finished a call the provider send a message automatically displays the cost of the call at the end of every call  ... it displays that code    *CDA)     ...this service don't work on my iphone ... I have called vodafone company that's my provider i use it and they told me they have  a problem with Apple for this service ...please help me to resolve this  problem ,,thanks for your attention.

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    This has nothing to do with Apple.  It's a carrier issue.

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    No you are wrong it's not a carrier problem. I had iphone 4 and i never have this problem and after updating to iphone 4s i started to see this problem. Btw all carriers with this servies show the same message with iphone 4s