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I want to delete a custom template I created in Pages.  How can I do this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Best to do this with Pages not running (Quit it if it is running).


    While in Finder, hold down the Option key and open the Go menu - a new item Library will be added; select it. This will open the hidden Library folder in your home folder.


    In the Library window, locate and open the Application Support folder.


    In the Application Support folder, locate and open the iWork folder.


    In the iWork folder, open the Pages folder.


    In the Pages folder, open the Templates folder.


    In the Templates folder, open the My Templates folder.


    Locate and throw away the template you don't aant anymore - drag it into the Trash, or select it and press Command-Delete


    Close everything up. You can do this quickly by holding down the Option key and clicking the Close button (red button) on any open window - all of them will close.

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    Great answer. I have spent ages trying to find out how to delete templates. Everyone  seems to give an answer as if everyone is a computor wizard. (I am not). This answer was so well laid out and easy to follow. My problem solved in 2 min. Would be great for others to follow your lead and answer forums this way. You're a blessing to us of little computor knowledge.

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    GOD BLESS YOU Don!  I have been looking for this for DAYS and yours is the BEST, EASIEST answer!

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    Your step-by-step instruction was perfect!  I'd been searching for this to clean up.


    Thank you!

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    Don Archibald - THANK YOU for those specifically wonderful directions!  I did it instantly, and it worked!  AFTER that, I wanted to convey my gratitude by putting a comment here, but I needed to LOGIN first.  Hah!  That was a nightmare...seems my Apple ID was "mixed up" a bit... why not?  I only have been with Apple since 1984.  Why should I have a problem NOW?  I went through the motions...and 30 minutes later...here I am! 


    I was not going to let Apple Confusion take over...was committed to thanking you here!  Now I can thank others who have solutions that are NOT IN THE i.e. "PAGES HELP"... section.  That cracks me up.  Why do we need to google help...because the answer is not forthcoming in the application help section?  Beats me.  Not the first time I could not get an answer with the application help section...for Pages, in particular.


    We have to keep looking out for each other, it seems.  That's fine with me.  We are all Apple Kids, after all!



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    Apple obviously hasn't given this much thought, if any thought, so it is not surprising that it is absent from the User Guide, along with a lot of other stuff besides.



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    Thank you so much for these easy to follow instructions!

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    I suggest that you read Chapter 13 of the Pages User Guide. The last page of the chapter describes saving and deleting custom templates. It does not describe how to get to get to your User Library since that "hidden library" feature of Mountain LIon didn't exist when the Pages guide was written.



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    Aloha All;


    Excellent Instructions... Alas after sorting through every folder in the "secret library" hiding place, I never found iWorks, Pages or Templates... Pages was closed during this time. Perhaps a rest is in order?


    Thanks in advance for the assistance; none of the tips on the web nor the Apple Store was effective...

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    You seem to have missed to look in the Application support folder.

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    "after sorting through EVERY folder" INCLUDING "Apple Support" folder...


    My question remains...

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    Are you using Pages 5.0? This thread is about earlier Pages.


    I found this information in the Pages 5.0 Help, available from your Pages Help menu



    Rename or delete a custom template

    1. In the template chooser, Control-click the template name, then choose Rename or Delete.
    2. If you’re renaming, type a new name, then press Return.

    Custom templates always appear in the My Templates category in the template chooser. You can’t rearrange templates; they always appear in the order in which they were added.


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    Mahalo nui loa; this worked perfectly!


    Sorry I missed the "Pages 4" headline.


    Have a great week

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    You guys may have solved this but I have been trying to all the suggested solutions above and when i get to the template folder it is empty! Nothing to delete!


    However, not sure if this is a new fix, but if you right click, ctrl click, on the template you wish to delete in template chooser in pages you can now delete it from there.


    This is for people who dont know how to do it still and find the above solution not relevant anymore.