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Hi all,


I've been having some problems lately with some Mini DV tapes importing into FCE. When I put it into FCE, the audio lags behind the video a second or two, making it virtually impossible to work with.


I think I might have isolated the problem, but I need some way to fix this ASAP. I copied someone else's questionaire from another post, so hopefully you can help diagnose my problem.

a. Material from what camera? I am using a Mini DV cameras. It's a cheap JVC.

b. Camera set to 12 or 16-bit audio? Currently, it is set to 16-bit. However, I am confident there is other video on the tape that was recorded in 12-bit. The video I need right now is recorded in 16-bit.

c. PAL or NTSC? Not sure, I guessing NTSC as that seems more common.

d. Other audio used? Just these two Mini DV cassettes recorded with a built-in mic.

e. In what format (.aif, .mp3, .wma, etc.) is the video? I'm not sure. Most likely .mov file.

f. What kind of project did you set up? 32kHz audio or 48kHz? I've been trying to figure this out. I have no idea.

g. Is the project in PAL or NTSC? Easy Setup tells me I'm in DV-NTSC 32 kHz.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much.



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    Hello Justin,


    First, you need to know for sure whether your camcorder/tapes are NTSC or PAL. The manual for your camcorder should tell you.  Generally, if you purchased the camcorder in North America, it is an NTSC camcorder unless you went to unusual lengths to specifically get a PAL camcorder.  PAL is  used in Europe and certain other countries, but not in North America.


    If you are sure your video was recorded with 16-bit audio, then you should select the DV-NTSC easy setup in FCE and create a new sequence.  Then capture your video.   If you have already captured your clips, select the DV-NTSC easy setup, create a new sequence and place your clips in the new sequence.  Should fix the out-of-sync-audio problem.


    The DV-NTSC 32KHz easy setup is for 12-bit audio only.  If you put 16-bit audio into a sequence created with the DV-NTSC 32KHz easy setup, your audio will be out of sync.


    Remember ... 16 bit audio = 48KHz  (default in FCE) ... whereas 12-bit audio = 32KHz

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    Thanks a ton! That fixed it up right quick. I figured it was something in Easy Setup, but I was looking for DV-NTSC 48KHz...


    Thanks again!