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    There are resellers of ISBNs that you can purchase a single one for as low as $5 from sites such as


    There are caveats, like the publisher will be listed as epubbud and you as the author, but that's the price of a cheaper ISBN.

  • DMR159311 Level 1 Level 1

    It's actually not $ can go to and click on $5 isbn to get a $5 isbn.....

  • vinnyvg Level 4 Level 4

    I have mentioned to KT before that  not everybody using this support forum was born to speak, write  and read English or had a brain that soaks up information and and spews out answers at the speed of light... some of us are a bit on the dim side!


    Its is sad fact that Apple started iBA with little thought  about its ease of use or documentation.

    IF people  found it easy or IF Apple had produced a new support doc instead of assuming  users all had become experts with Pages etc,. ... then  this forum would be mosty unused.


    If KT cannot  answer - as any moderator  should - with help and suggestions for a resolution - then maybe he can simply leave the issue for others to offer help.


    I sometimes  wish  there was a non Apple  iBA users forum available.


    Sorry KT its my opinion and I am pleased to see others share it and I am not unjustly biased.

    Help is appreciated by all..your seeming temper tantrums are not. 

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