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On 23 April 2012, I was prompted to accept a software update from Trusteer. I installed it but over the next few days kept having Safari crashes. I couldn't see the cause straight away but on 28 April, after another sudden "Safari Quit Unexpectedly" incident, the report clearly stated that it was the file called "rapportutil1", which I soon found to be in the Trusteer program.


I removed Rapport using the "Uninstall" program in the dmg folder. (Found by simply using "Find" for "Rapport.dmg" in "Finder".)


Googling shows that thousands of people have been seriously affected by Trusteer's appallingly bad Rapport software and this has been going on for at least the last two years!


The Trusteer website boasts that over 28 million people have downloaded their software – but it doesn't say how many have subsequently had to uninstall it!


I posted this, even though there are other discussion topics on the same subject, to inform and emphasize the fact that this is still an ongoing problem. New Mac users, especially, need to be warned not to download Trusteer's Rapport. The company Trusteer need to fix this serious problem. Until then, the message must go out that Trusteer cannot be trusted!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)