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I bought a new iPad last week , 32G wifi white model, and the wifi connection is really bad!

Even terrible!!!

I've got an iphone4 and now using wifi but iPad doesn't work!!

It lost signals every second!!!!!!


I have been wasting my time and my effort!!


iPhone 4 also has a signal problem when I hold left side of the phone.


Why all the apple's products has a big problems??


Apple has an enormous bubble!!!


I'm very disappointed with apple.


This is so stressful !!! I've got assignments to do but wasted time with the terrible iPad !!!

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    1. Have you tried rebooting router?


    2. Reset network settings


    3. Have you tried changing the security settings e.g. WEP, WPA, WPA2


    4. Have you tried changing channel; try channel 1, 6 or 11 (non-overlapping channels)?


    5. Reduce the number of walls between your iPad and the router.


    6. Have you tried changing wireless protocol e.g. a/b/g/n

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    I have the IPhone 4S and I dont have any problem with it!

    Also i want to buy the new IPad 3, but reading all the wifi problem i have to think twice if i will spend $500 for it.

    Unless that problem is fixed!

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    Unless that problem is fixed!

    The thing is, it never WAS a problem for most folks. I can almost guarantee that the iPad you get (if you get) won't have any Wi-Fi issues. If it does, take advantage of Apple's 14-day return policy.

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    Ok. Thanks. What if the problem becomes after the 14 days of return policy?

    What is the warranty on the iPad ?

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    1 year.

    If you buy the AppleCare Protection Plan, it's two years.

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    Thank You!

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    You're welcome

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    I have been experiencing the same problems with my new iPad (4G & wifi). It keeps losing connection to the wifi every few minutes, regardless of the function I am using (apps, safari or e-mail). I have been speaking to Apple support over the past week and tried many different solutions, from reloading the software, resetting the network, and manually adding the wifi settings. The problem still exists.


    One thing I have now noticed is the problem seems to be more apparent when using WPA or WPA2 wifi security. I changed my settings to WEP (the older less secure encryption) and found it work OK. I tried to increase my security back to the newer approved levels of WPA but the new iPad can't cope. I am concerned if this is a hardware or software issue, but Apple said they seem to think it is more software. My iPhone 3GS has no problems connecting and staying connected to my wifi along with other laptops.


    I hope Apple can release a fix soon as it is very frustrating.

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    Just an update....


    I visited Apple and they said they have had people with wifi problems and the best thing would be to now exchange the device, as all other options had been considered. I returned my iPad to my retailer who exchanged it without any hassle and I am very pleased to say my new replacement iPad is GREAT   No wifi problems.


    One thing I have noticed with the new iPad is the menu is a little different to my previous one and more similar to the iPhone. It now says "cellular usage" as opposed to my previous iPad that said "mobile usage". Both were set to United Kingdom.


    My next purchase...... an iMac

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    Hello All,


    I own both 1st  & 2nd gen IPads. Since upgrade to 5.1.1 I have been having a lot of issues with keeping the connection. After I type in an URL the status bar goes halfway until it stops and the browser pops up a message that my connectivity has been lost. None of the other devices (I.e laptop) have any issues with my router either at home or at work.


    Due to my location I have to have a VPN account. So whenever I turn VPN on I have NO loss of signal and I browse any where. Once I turn my VPN off the WiFi issues resurface.


    As matter of fact I had to have VPN on to post!!!


    This issue did not exist prior to IOS upgrade.


    Please let me know if my work around works for.