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Finally upgraded my SE FDHD to 4mb of ram. Problem is the external scsi (lacie joule 730mb) I got off ebay is giving errors OSErr ect. on LILO 7.56 and Anubis 2.54. It formats but can't copy any stuff. Just get disk error. And pathced Apple HD SC Setup will not verify the drive.


Is there any program that does low level format on system 6 or 7. And if not can I replace it with a 36gb like this. Or not so even if I partition the **** out of it.


http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-IBM-36GB- ... 816wt_1344

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    Let's start with a basic question.  Where in the world are you and what resources do you have available to you?


    If you are in the US and near a large city and you can find a mac user group and there is some old timer that has parts laying around, you might be able to find what you need.  Otherwise, you need to find a computer recycler in a large city who will watch for items for you.


    Forget trying to format the 36gb drive.  I cannot even get the older macs to see the 9 gig drives that I can still buy.  The machined want to see 4 gig or smaller.


    You may have tor try several versions of Drive Setup to find one that recognizes the lacie drive.  Mount Everything is some third party software that would see just about any drive, thus the name of the software company.


    Post back with a little more information about a city near you.  If ebay is your only source for older stuff, you will have to advertise.  Vendors are not going to pay to list such dated equipment without some serious disclaimers about fitness for you configurations.