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Just got 2 new Iphone 4S with the latest IOS.


My wife's Iphone can iMessage other Iphones.

My Iphone can iMessage other IPhones.


however we cannot iMessage each-other.... seems that the system does not recognize that our numbers are from Iphones.


We are both connected to WI-FI... we tested to other phones, and all working fine... but not between ourselves.


Can someone please, let me know what would be the root cause?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, iMessage
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    Impressive the issue happens across the board... just went to many google searches and seems that I am not the only one in the world that decided to buy an Iphone for the Spouce and we cannot recognize each other - so the iMessager works.


    Apple, what is happening here?  We have iPads, iMacs, and iPhones, but the integration is not working properly.


    Tried some debug from the forums on the net.... Update the IOS is not the solution, as we have the latest. iMessager works fine with other contacts...


    What is the criteria that the iPhone uses to recognize the phones as iPhones?


    I realized the following:


    1. Sending from our @me account to @me account works fine... iMessage activates... but that is an email, isn't it? And the iPad's also get it..... what we do not want, as we want to keep our conversations only between our mobiles.
    2. When texting the number, does not work.... it goes to SMS
    3. For some selective contatcs, regardless of entering the number or the contact information, goes to iMessage right the way.


    So, what is the trigger? IOS? Contact information? A bug?


    Moreover, and more interesting:


    a. On my Iphone (a 4S, black one) I cannot see the fields in the contact information on the same way as my Spouce's (a 4S, white one).


            - My Spouce can add some fields which I cannot see... she can label the number as "iPhone", "home email", etc... and we have the same IOS (5.1)

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    Are you both using the same Apple I.D.?


    Can you not see the different options (iPhone, other, work, mobile etc) while editing a contact? You need to click on the label of the number (for example iphone or work) in order to open up a list of different labels to choose from.

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    Yes - different Apple I.D's.


    This is very strange.... for some contacts I can see the full list (Iphone, other, work, mobile, etc....) while editting.


    However, for my spouce contact, I just can see the following: mobile, home, home fax, work fax, pager, assistant, car, company main, radio....


    I realized that the problem is that only the iCloud contacts do have the possibility of such editting... I deleted her original contact, and created a new one, now using the Iphone field.... but iMessaging does not work still.... not between hers and mine Iphone.


    It is kind of frustrating....

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    I realized that the problem is that only the iCloud contacts do have the possibility of such editting... I deleted her original contact, and created a new one, now using the Iphone field....

    Not really. The label list is available for all the contacts in iPhone, regardless of iCloud or Outlook or any other address book manager. I used to sync my contacts with iCloud and now with Outlook (ditched iCloud completely), but I never faced this problem.


    Yes, it is strange that you guys can exchange iMessages with other users but not amongst yourself, despite the fact that you both have different Apple I.Ds and different iCloud accounts. I can't think of any other possibility as to why it should not work.


    If you guys want to try, you can first try "Reset all settings"  from SETTINGS - GENERAL - RESET and setup as new. If it fails, then "Restore" your phones through iTunes and setup as new (not from backup) and see if everything works normally afterwards.

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    In order to use iMessage efficiently, add the country code to the mobile number prefix by of your contact and their iMessage ID. You will notice then when selecting the contact name in the TO, the green shade will turn into blue shade. It means your message will be sent as iMessage. Notice if you are sending message to non imessage user, the shade of the contact name is green. It means the message will be sent as text message. FYI.

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    Thank you, but when exactly did I ask for such information?