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Hi, I have had my Powerbook G4 for about 3 1/2 months and loved until the last week. I connect to my wireless router using the airport in my Powerbook, but the last week when the Powerbook is closed and re-opened or when it goes to sleep mode and then comes out, the airport signal is still strong, but I lose my internet connection.

I have done everthing that I have found in discussions, and no fix so far. Can anyone help, or is my next move to put the Powerbook on eBay and call it a $2500 loss? Apple will not help because I am past my 90 day technical support and they want me to pay an additional $349 for their Apple Care!


Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Regardless of this issue-- get the AppleCare!

    Seriously, with a PowerBook, you'd be insane not to get the 3 yr applecare. My TiBook went back to Apple 4 times-- had motherboards, video cards and other essentials replaced. As much as I'm a loyal Apple customer (since the start of Mac)-- their quality control isn't so hot-- and having AppleCare-- ESPECIALLY with a PowerBook because NO ONE is authorized to work on them except APPLE-- it is just part of the purchase price. Usually they won't let you buy up the AppleCare after the expiration-- so consider yourself lucky and do it NOW!
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    Hi jlowpool,

    What do you have to do to get the wireless internet working each time after the sleep?

    Are you certain that the PowerBook is joining your own wireless network when it wakes , and not somebody elses? (Note that a full strength signal indicator does not indicate a successful logon/password to the wireless network)

    Give us some idea of the things you have tried so far without success.


    PS. AppleCare is like insurance, everybody hopes they won't need to use it, but each person has to weigh the odds. In my case I've bought 4 Macs over the last 7 years without any AppleCare and have survived without incident.
  • Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4
    Apple Care is insurance, in fact that is the reason you cannot get it in Florida. In general there is a lot of money to be made from extended warranties, in fact in many cases more than is made from the item sold. In the case of PowerBooks the fact that it is possible to have very expensive failures, eg. the screen or the logic board makes the warranty more attractive.
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    Here are the two things that I do after the laptop wakes:

    1) Restart the computer. That works everytime, but I'd rather not have to do this everytime.

    2) I go to LOCATION then NETWORK PREFERENCES and then select AIRPORT. When I get to this, I then run the diagnostics to try and repair my wireless connection. This works about 1 out of every 5 times.

    My wireless connection is the only one that it is trying to connect to, as my airport is just showing the one connection available.

    I appreciate the information and help that anyone can offer. I will be getting the Apple Care, I figure with the hundreds of dollars I spend each month on other forms of insurance, why not spend a little on this baby!
  • Kimara Davis Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same exact problem. My daughter's ibook works fine and my other computer (imac) works fine. It is only my 17" PB G4 that the problem is happening. As long as it does not go to sleep I am ok. If you resolve this issue will you please let me know.

    17 PowerBook G4, !2" ibook G4 and 17" imac   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  
  • jlowpool Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, I will let you know... but it seems that you and I are the only ones trying to solve this issue. I now have Apple Care so hopefully they can help!

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    I have the same problem with my PB 17 for a while. Nobody has replied to me also. The only way for me is to do a "restart".
  • Terry Duschinski Level 2 Level 2
    Where is the built-in "Extreme" base station on the PB 17?

    Mine isn't working either.

  • Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4
    The Airport Extreme card is located under the PC card cage which has to be taken out to remove the Airport Extreme card.
  • Cavey Avey Level 1 Level 1
    Is it possible to do this one's self? I have a 17" G4 PB without an airport card installed (previous owner removed it) and have purchased a new one. Can this install be done by anyone other than a registered engineer (?) and what is involved/ any diagramatic guidance available?

    Thanks for any help!
  • Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4
    It is a big job and not for everyone. To see what is involved get the service manual from:
  • jlowpool Level 1 Level 1
    I contacted apple, and the only thing we could do was re-install the operating system. This has fixed the problem of the Airport dropping out. I did not have to re-install programs or change any settings, as you can select to keep your settings before the re-install. It took about 45 minutes to do this, but my problem is solved.