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Hello everybody


I started to have problems with a used PowerMac G5 that I bought on December last year. The computer came with dual G5 at 2.0GHz, 8GB and 160GB Sata hard drive. The computer was running Leopard 10.5.8.

Once in my home I erase completely the hard drive and installed Leopard from scratch and ran software updates. At this point the computer was functioning good, sometimes crashes when I tryed to import images on iPhoto or Aperture, but appart from this nothing more. Few weeks ago I installed a new hard drive, the disk it's ok and doesn't give problems. The problems started two weeks ago, when computer crashes constantly and at any time with any reason, kernel crashes reports sometimes reports for Safari, other times for iTunes, others for uTorren, mdworker and mostly by Unknow application. I must to restart the computer by force shutdown, that only put thing worse. I was looking for documentation about solve my problem, but there is not so much responses.



Power Mac G5 (June 2004), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Get Temperature Monitor to see if it's heat related...



    iStat Menus...



    And/or iStat Pro...



    If you have any temps in the 70°C/160°F range, that's likely it.


    Open console in Applications>Utilities, check the system log for the date/time of the last problem for clues.

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    I'm monitoring the temperature of cpu's, both are about 65ºC, but the only load is mdworker and uTorrent. I will keep monitor temperatures.

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    Yikes, that is dangerously high for not much going on, have you blown the dust out of it lately?


    mdworker is Spotlight, btw.

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    what must be the idle, or light work load, temp for this processor?

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    Here's my G5 Quad with about 150% CPU usage...


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    New test to check temperature: let the computer cold down for a few hours and turn on after that, the temperature start at 40ºC and quickly increases up to reach 65~67º both cpus and no load, only turned on and idle.

    Ok, I will clean my computer and think that could be good idea to replace the thermal paste.

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    Yes, could be a good idea to replace the thermal paste...


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    No it was not this, today I clean my computer and replace the thermal paste, the idle temperature decreases from 60º to 41~45º and in heavy (compiling jpge library using make -j4 and gcc -O3) use increases to 57º and crashes again, now let it alone with Mail, adium and uTorrent and about a 45% of load.

    The crash report says that thread responsible was Mail, but I don't hesitate that any application could be done the same.

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    Good to see the lower temps, nice work.


    The Memory test can really only be trusted if it finds a problem, not if it doesn't find a problem.


    Memtest OS X...



    Rember is a freeware GUI for the memtest ...


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    I looked at the FAQ section of Temperature Monitor and found this temp info:


    "G4 processors of type 7455 or later (typically used in Macintosh systems with 867 MHz and above) are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit), also measured at the chip die of the CPU.


    I get readings of more than 90°C (194°F) for the FB-DIM modules in my Mac Pro. Isn't this a bit high?


    No, temperatures in that range are normal for FB-DIMMs and are no cause for concern. Each FB-DIMM contains its own controller, called "Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB)". An AMB also contains an internal sensor which measures temperature directly inside the chip. The specified maximum temperature
range of an FB-DIMM, measured by the AMB, usually lies in the interval between 95°C and 125°C (203°F .. 257°F). It will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, a typical value is 110°C (230°F). If you like to know the exact specifications for your FB-DIM modules, note the part number and manufacturer of the respective modules (printed on the label of each module), and download the data sheets for those parts from the manufacturer. Nearly all chip manufacturers and RAM vendors publish the specifications at their web sites."


    External USB and Firewire device can cause Kernal Panics. What external devices do you have connected?


    Have you run Disk Utility - repair permissions and repair hard drive?


     Cheers, Tom

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    Yes I ran Disk Utility and no troubles with both disks. The only usb devices that are always connected to the computer are a mouse and keyboard, sometimes an external hard drive and my iPod.

    I'm still testing my computer from last crash, and for a while it's stable, I think that Mail could be the problem, is not running now and there are not crashes....



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    Not certain, but this can fix myriad Mail problems...


    Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup),  it will try to repair your Disk Directory while the spinning radian is happening, so let it go, run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, then move this folder & file to the Desktop.


    Move this Folder to the Desktop...




    Move this file to the Desktop...


    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail/Envelope Index




    If that doesn't do it and you can afford to redo all your Rules, try these & reboot...






    Note, in 10.5 & up /Users/YourUserName/Library/Caches/Mail/ may or may not exist.

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    Hello everybody

    I let my computer downloading from uTorrent all night long and there was not problems or crashes, but Mail wasn't running and Safari neither. I will test the functionality today and expect that my problems were only these.


    Many thanks to all that have suggested solutions.

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    Problem solved, I have installed Mac OS X 10.4.11 tiger and there are no more crashes...

    that is very strange because previous owner sell me this computer with Leopard, but upgraded from Tiger, and I installed Leopard from scratch,,, could be this the reason of crashes...

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