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My Final Cut Pro X project has sound, when I play the project in the preview window in compressor, there is sound, but my finished dvd does not.

Actually, I do have sound for a 4 min segment at the start of my dvd, and at certain common points throughout, but not during the main portion.


May I explain more in depth?.....My project is a hockey game, shot with 4 camera angles. 2 GoPros, one behind each net, and 2 Canon Vixias, one in each corner. I used the multicam feature to build my project, and switched the sound from one Canon Vixia to the other as the play goes from one end of the rink to the other. So the audio source is the camera at the south end of the rink when the play is in that end, then the audio source switches to the camera at the north end of the rink, when the play is in that end.......back and forth throughout. This is the part of my dvd, that has no sound, even though the sound is fine in the Final Cut X project. The 4min segment at the start is a music video, done to hockey action clips, and still photos, has a music clip for audio, but also includes audio from different cameras, and all sound is fine for it. The common points throughout are small video clips, with a audio clip from final cut pro sound effects, to introduce a hockey reply segment, and these come through with sound also.


I have been using the same Compressor "Disc Burning" presets for many previous projects, and have had no issues until now. In these previous successful dvd's (hockey games also) I did have one more main camera at centre ice to follow the main play of the game. In these cases my audio source of the main camera, was the only audio throughout the whole game (no switching back and forth) and my finished dvd's have been fine.


I have noticed in previous project attempts, that it sometimes matters whether I make the whole project a compound clip, before sending to compressor.

I have tried many attempts with this project of making different segments compound clips, and the whole project a compound clip, but to no avail.

When I tried to make the whole project a compound clip in this case, it seemed like it was fine, but when I played back my reply segments, my skate stopping sound effect was out of sinc with it's clip......so I have tried compounding differently.


Is there any truth to the compounding of the project before sending to compressor, or has it just been by chance, in my case?


Have I possibly clicked off an important feature in compressor somewhere and not realized it?  Can I not switch audio sources back and forth like this?

Am I confusing and messing it up by compounding?.....


I am stumped. This project is actually just for a gift to the hockey team I coached this season, and I wish to give to the kids at our upcoming team party.

But I have put about 8 paying jobs on the back burner till I figure this out, and this has been going on 2 weeks now. I kinda have to finish it, to get it off my hard drive, cause it is a monster in size. This project is 156 GB !!!!....is that normal? I have taken clips from about 5 other events to comprise this project.

Is this why it is so huge ????


Sorry bout the novel length question, but I thought I needed to explain the whole situation.


If someone has the time to help me out.......I would so appreciate it.


Thanks very much!


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    Don't send to Compressor. If you have sound throughout sequence in FCX, then export media and import that QT file into Compressor. Use presets. Should work.


    Good luck.



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    Also… curious about the length of your project. You mentioned the large size, but not its length. As a preliminary step you could export just a short segment of your file that has the sound problems by duplicating your project then selecting a representative section that has the missing sound issue to test in QT Player…before bringing into Compressor.



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    I am in the process of exporting media of the whole project at the moment, and then will continue with your initial suggestion for starters. The project is 1 hour and 3 mins in total length.


    Thanks very much Russ for your suggestions. I will keep you posted.



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    Your initial suggestion worked like a charm Russ.

    It has sound throughout, sounds good, looks good, and all in sync too.


    Can't thank you enough Russ.....what a relief.....can finally move on.


    Thanks very much for spending the time to help me out.



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    Glad it worked out for you and thanks for letting us know that it did.



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    This sounds similar to problem I just posted about. My FCP X project is about 65 minutes long. I sent it to Compressor and initially the DVD burned fine with great audio and video. But then I added Chapter marks in Compressor and it caused portions of the audio to be lost when I created another DVD. I also used multicam in FCP X. I wonder if there's any connection.