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After many hours of trials I finally succeeded in stacking five images and moving the top four into each of the four corners on top of the bottom image. Now, I would like to do a similar thing but change each image into either an oval or a circle, gather the four images into a compound clip and rotate them. For example, each image could be a rose and I would end up with a circle of images that I could rotate. Is this possible and how would I turn the rectangles into circles or ovals?


I haven't really learned to use Motion yet so I would have to do this in FCPX.

Final Cut Pro X
Solved by Jim Wanamaker on May 3, 2012 5:35 PM Solved

Sorry for the confusion. I was thinking about JPEG clips which have to be compounded for the mask to work properly. With video clips once you have applied the mask and sized/circularized to your liking just select the clip, use the transform button in the viewer and you will see an anchor point which you can drag to place the clip where you want. Do this in turn with each clip until you have your pattern. Then as you said, make a compound clip of the whole lot and you can rotate the group or move the whole group as you like.

Reply by Jim Wanamaker on May 3, 2012 2:14 PM Helpful

Take each clip with its mask and make a compound clip. size as desired. Don't put all tha clips into one compound clip. You should then have stacked compound clips. Select one and then use the transform tool to position in the viewer where you want it. Do the same for the others. If you then want t o rotate the whole thing make all the compound clips into one new compound clip. Hope this helps.

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