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Do animated GIF's play on the iPod or iPhone in mobile Safari by default? I know Flash won't & want to make a decision on best way to put a simple animation into a web site. If not any suggestions on what format best to make animations?

  • Wyodor Level 6 Level 6 (19,650 points)

    Can't you make these decisions on your own?


    Why not do it?


    Here, animated gif, made in the last century :




    It works on my iPad.

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    Thank you for the reply and the example. I was fairly certain that it would work. I could have made one and uploaded it to test, but in much less time I was able to ask the experts here, and answer 3 or 4 questions from others while waiting for mine to be answered which is what happened, so I am happy to have an answer, and hopefully I have helped some other people too.

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    Glad you received your answer.  Why some people on this forum don't seem to have the patience to answer simple questions is beyond me.  If you don't have the patience to give an answer without a snide remark....maybe you should just simply refrain form answering.  I have never been to a forum with so many people acting like arses or so hostile.  Because of the new IPad 1 in 4 purchasers are new to Apple.  Chill out people.

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    Yeah, I agree. In fact, it's refreshing to get an inquiry that doesn't consist of "when will the iPad get flash?"


    Glad the OP got an answer to his question.

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    I wasn't offended Daren. I do see an awful lot of questions here where it is the same simple thing asked over and over again and many cases where the questioner is simply not seeing how they are the root of their own problem or are not looking in the logical place. Wyodor has answered other questions for me in the past and I know he is very helpful to a lot of people. In my case I was expecting a simple "yes" or "no" yet he went to the trouble of posting an example. I really appreciate that.



    I am glad I didn't ask the "Flash" question but it was sort of related.