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It was my fiancé's, but she gave it to me when she purchased a new MacBook. I was attempting to clean it off with my limited pc knowledge and I accident oh deleted my fonts file and now there are not any words... Anywhere!! I have no idea how to fix this. Please help. Lol.

MacBook Pro
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    There are three fonts folders, one in your user account's Library, one in the Macintosh HD Library and one in the System Library.

    Which did you delete?


    If it's either of the second two and you've emptied the trash, you'll need to re-install the OS to restore them.


    The one in the user folder Library only contains fonts that have been installed by that user, so usually wouldn't be a problem.


    Poking around in Libraries is not recommended - if you've just acquired the MBP it's always wisest to erase the HD and re-install the OS from the original system discs.