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Hi, I have a HUGE dilemma. When I first got iTunes, I registered using my AOL account. While using that AOL account with iTunes, I received a large amount of iTunes credit, about $65 altogether. Well, I have now cancelled my AOL account and bought broadband. Well, now, when I try to log into iTunes with my AOL account, it won't let me because I have cancelled my account. Well, I have created an Apple ID, but now my problem is how do I transfer all of my account balance from my AOL to my Apple ID? Is this possible? Because if I have lost this balance, I will absolutely, positively break down and cry. Thanks for your support!

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    Can Somebody Please help me?
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    Almost the same problem here. A little worse actually. I can't even convert to an Apple account as it tells me the cc information does not match.

    It is my daughter's old AOL/iTunes account and she had about 50 credits.

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    I assume you tried the "attempt to log into AOL account 3 time trick", after which you will be given the opportunity to convert to an Apple account. I had the same problem and finally filled out the email support form shown at the bottom of the screen. After doing this Apple manually converted the account and transferred my credits for me. Try filling out the email support form... they answered in 3 business days as it stated they would.