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i was given a apple powerbook 3G with no disc and i do not know the password.  I can only log on as a guest what can i do to fix this?

MacBook, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    Don't know what you mean by a Powerbook 3G.


    With those computers that came with installation DVD/CD disks you can start up from the installation disk and reset the password



    1. Start up from a Mac OS X Install disc (one whose version is closest to the version of Mac OS X installed).  Usually, you can start from the disc by putting it in your computer, restarting, and holding the C key. Or, put it in the computer and click the Install or Restore icon you see in the disc's main window (after which the computer will start from the disc without you needing to hold C). Or, you can use Startup Manager or the Startup Disk preference pane to select the Install disc.
    2. Choose a language, click the arrow button to continue,
    3. Mac OS X v10.6 or later: Choose Password Reset from the Utilities menu.
      Mac OS X v10.5 or v10.4: Choose Reset Password from the Utilities menu.
      Mac OS X v10.3: Choose Reset Password from the Installer menu.

      Tip: If you don't see this menu or menu choice, you're probably not started from the disc yet.

      : The default keyboard layout is U.S. English while started from the installation disc. If you use a keyboard layout other than U.S English, use the Input menu (the flag icon on the right side of the menu bar) to select the desired layout before typing a new password.
    4. Select your Mac OS X hard disk volume.
    5. Select the user name of your original administrator account.

      Important: Do not select "System Administrator (root)". This is actually the root user. You should not confuse it with a normal administrator account.

    6. Enter a new password.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Click the red button in the upper left corner to quit the application.
    9. Choose Quit Mac OS X Installer... from the Mac OS X Installer menu.
    10. Click Restart.

    After following these steps, you'll want to also follow the steps in this article.
    Mac OS X v10.6: Resetting the original administrator account password on a Mac that has no optical drive
    These steps require a second computer that has an optical drive.Note: If the second computer is a Mac, make sure Mac OS X v10.5.3 or later is installed. If the second computer is a PC, make sure the DVD or CD Sharing Update 1.0 for Windows is installed.

    1. Open "Remote Install Mac OS X" from the Utilities folder.
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    For more information, see MacBook Air: Sharing DVDs or CDs with Remote Disc.

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    Since you don't have a disk maybe you can borrow one or buy one. I don't know of any other way to accomplish this unless an Apple Store can help.

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    Go to http://digg.com/newsbar/topnews/Mac_OS_X_Admin_Hack and follow the steps. Then delete the old accounts in the accounts pane of System Preferences.



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    Did anyone notice that the OP says he has System 9.2? Sounds like a G3 PowerBook.

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    Did anyone notice that the OP says he has System 9.2? Sounds like a G3 PowerBook.


    Apparently not.


    The only way around this is to boot from another partition somehow. An OS 9 boot CD is required, after which the keychain contained in the System Preferences folder can be trashed. With no keychain, no password will be required to log in.


    If it's a Pismo or later then FireWire is an option.

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    RE: Did anyone notice that the OP says he has System 9.2? Sounds like a G3 PowerBook.


    Good call. When I overlook details I remind myself of these quotes.


    - understanding the question is half the solution.


    - when everyone agrees on something, you can be certain they are wrong.


    - put mind in gear before answering.



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