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I can't change any song titles! I searched on google how to rename the songs for my Ipod, and someone said


"You have to go to your iTunes library on a computer. Right click on the song, then press "Get Info". You can edit the info on your on from there."

So I did all that, clicked the "info" tab when I go to the pop-up thingy it leads me to, and It won't allow me to change anything, just view the info!

After that, I used the help button in the itunes library, and it said I had to


"change the format of the information tags",


I followed the instructions to do that, but something pops-up saying


"Could not convert ID3 tags for all of the selected songs. The songs may be write-protected or of the wrong type"

Is there any other way to rename songs on my 5G IPod?? If so please contact me!


iPod touch