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Hey, I just bought the third-generation iPad. I have been reading on the iPad 2 for a year now, and have hundreds of books in my library. Because I'm such an intense reader, and value my highlights, it upset me when I bought the new iPad, synced it to iTunes, and then highlights and bookmarks were not transferred to the new iPad. The books were all out of order when they synced, and I had to rearrange them, but they were in the correct collections. This was my first hint that something was wrong. Next, when I opened my books, I could not find a single highlight in any of them. I checked all the books on my iPad 2 and they're fine as usual, everything is how I left it, including my bookmarks and highlights, and I even went into settings and made sure sync bookmarks was on on both iPads. I am completely confused and frustrated. I even put my new iPad into DFU mode and tried to re-sync everything, nothing is working. They just won't sync. Could someone please help me out, this means a lot to me. Also: is anyone noticing that the multitouch is slightly off with the new iPad? I'll go to tap dictation or drag an icon to another page, and it's just not that responsive. a few times I have clicked the dictation button but I gotten a space in instead. It seems you just have to press harder almost. Lastly, my 30 pin seems to be a little tight. I put a standard 30 pin sync cord that came with my original iPad 2 and iPhone 4 into the 30 pin and I almost had to jam it into the 30 pin slot. I work with iDevices all day long and have never had one that needed to be jammed in before. It doesn't seem good for the iPad. Yes, I am borderline about to return it, but the screen just looks so much clearer, I can't go back to my iPad 2. Wow, again I pressed the dictation button and the spacebar activated instead. If anyone can figure out this whole iBook situation so I can get my bookmarks and my highlights back, I would really appreciate it!

iPad third-generation, iOS 5.1