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Terry Duschinski Level 2 (155 points)

I'm putting together a multi-media show from photos and video footage supplied on:


1- miniDV tape, which may have been shot in HD but I doubt it

2- a camcorder that stores on hard drive, which presumably is HD

3- Photos taken from SD cards


They want to watch this on their large-screen HD TV.


I'm not even sure how to get the footage from the camcorder's hard drive into Final Cut, and how it will match with that imported from tape?


Any suggestions?




Terry D

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  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,265 points)

    1. Mini DV can be HDV which is HD footage 1440 x 1920i.

    2. Too many types without more info like a camera model.

    3. These can be downloaded to iPhoto or similar over USB.


    MiniDV or HDV connects with a firewire cable.

    The hard drive camera will use a USB cable and FCE>Log and Transfer if it's standard AVCHD, if not then you have to jump through a few hoops depending on the camera and type of footage it produces.