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I dropped my iPhone4 in water and the screen is blank and won't respond to touch but it makes sound and is recognized by my iTunes and computer...do i just need a new screen, and can i have my phone up and running by Friday, May 5th? I put it in rice and it got the sound working but still not the screen...:(

iPhone 4
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    How many days did you let the iPhone dry before you tried to use it?


    If you turned it on right away you might as well do an out-of-warranty replacement, make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store. It will cost you $149.

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    I let it set for about 30-36 hours, so it was a little while.

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    Needed to be longer, and in a baggie with raw rice would have been better. I would guess there is some internal damage beyond the screen so the out-of-warranty replacement would be safer.

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    Okay. It was in a bag of riv=ce during that time period.

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    Still takes a minimum of 3 - 5 days (72 - 120 hours) to thoroughly dry, if you attempt to turn it on or especially connect it to power prior to that period it usually results in some pretty serious internal damage.

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    Ok so I too dropped my phone in a hot tub :( I immediately turned it off and put it in a bag of rice. About 3 hours later it turned itself on in the bag of rice ( i know this because I heard it ringing when someone tried to call me) again I immediately turned it off and it has turned itself on again two more times. Has anyone had this problem or any idea why it is doing this? I feel like this is a bad thing and maybe it is short circuiting or something. It has been in the rice for 23 hours now...