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Hello All,

I'm working on an iMovie '11 project consisting of an assortment of short-length clips (most between 2-10s) and each time I try and move the portion I selected from the event menu, the select box disappears and I am not able to transfer it to the project. I have tried the prescribed click-and-hold method to only limited success (90% of the time the clip de-selects) and it has become extremeley frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier way to move clips?

Thanks so much.

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    Drag and drop should work pretty well, but if you prefer, you can use the buttons on the middle toolbar. You can also use keyboard shortcuts.


    For example select an event clip and type E to add it to the end of your project.


    More info here. http://help.apple.com/imovie/#mov3a62377a

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    try known good content.  You can download quicktime sample files here:


    Try to move one of these into a project.  If they were then unfortunately it is your content that is the problem.


    open up another user on your mac.  Import a clip into iMovie in this user and try to add it into a project.


    If it works in a new user iMovie is fine.  Your issue can be one of several things. Fully quit iMovie. What I would do is clear all caches found in your ~/library.  Move all com.apple.iMovieapp files from ~/library/preferences to your desktop.  Launch iMovie and try again.


    If it doesn't work in a new user, reinstall iMovie.