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So a couple of weeks back I noticed that when I pressed the volume keys on the side of my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1), the ghosted indicator did not come up on the screen. I checked my settings and all was fine, so I rebooted the phone and that made it come back! Just a glitch I thought, but a day or so later, the same thing happened again! It returned again after a reboot, as before. It next occurred almost a week later but this time, the notifications drop down menu also stopped working! Once again a reboot sorted it out so I followed the usual process of restoring it, and intact I did this twice, and it's been fine for another week, until today!

I'm not going to do a reboot today, I'm going to see if the notifications glitch occurs again.


I'm a pretty high iPhone user, headphones are used almost every day, I dot use a dock as I have AppleTV, I use only genuine Apple products and I've taken pretty good care of it, I got it on the day of release, so it's almost two years old, barely has a mark on it and has no evidence of water damage in either of the ports and I've cleaned the pocket fluff out of each also. I've loaded half of it up with music and apps, so there's a good 12gb of free memory. So this obviously begs the question, WHY???


Any help will be appreciated peeps, thanks in advance.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Ell, just a quick update: I ran out of battery the following day so the volume indicator reappeared but it only stayed 24 hours and then disappeared again. I'm going to try a double restore in thee next day or so and then see what happens.


    Anyone else had this issue???

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    I'm experiencing exactly the same problem.

    Reseting and restoring from a bckup has not helped.

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    Ok, time for another update. The double restore resulted in the same thing; a few days of good behaviour followed by the inevitable loss of volume indicator. At that point however, the new update came out and I've had 2 weeks of trouble free usage... Emphasis on the word "had"! The issue re-occurred today, I absent mindlessly rebooted my iPhone before checking the notification centre drop down, so I'll try and make sure I don't reboot so soon the next time the anomaly occurs and report back here immediately.

    I'm finding it hard to believe that only two users are experiencing this problem, does anyone out there have any thoughts?

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    I solved a problem tonight is this similar ? https://discussions.apple.com/message/18459441#18459441


    Hope it helps,

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    Hi Goldan, thanks for your input, however it's a totally different issue to mine.

    My problem begins with the volume indicator. When you press the volume keys from the home screen, you would normally see the square, shaded box appear to show you your volume level. Well my phone works fine for a while, then that box one decides not to pop up anymore. Please note, the volume still goes up and down, the slide bar is still present in any media player. The buttons work, I can hear the sounds perfectly. It is just the grey box that vanishes.


    Then at a later point, the notification centre stops working (I still get the message show as a badge on the app and I see it in the lock screen) and then *NEW* the camera becomes very sluggish.


    If I reboot the phone, force reset (home & lock keys) or restore it, the phone goes back to normal.


    The occurrences have been random. Sometimes within 24 hours of a reboot and sometimes as much as a week.



    So after a full restore and a clean up of data, my iPhone went 11days before the volume icon vanished. I rebooted it and all was well again for 2 days. It was then another two days before the notification drop down stopped working. Since then I've double restored my device then restored from backup. I've also removed 90% of my apps and unnecessary data, and restored again. It went less than a week before the volume indicator disappeared and another 24 hours for the notification centre to stop working.




    There can't be just the two of us experiencing the strange issue?!


    Roll on iPhone 5!!

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    I have this problem too.

    The indicator not show in the phone, but the volume +/- louder or quite hearing it works. Buttons fine!

    When reboot the phone working fine, facing the indicator, but few hours later disappear. I dont watch how many hours or minutes later.

    This issue is come to ios5.0! Before i cant facing this! The last update 5.1.1 cant solve.


    Notification center work fine!


    Need help!

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    I have the same thing going on on my ipad 3
    all of the sudden the volume indicator disappreared :s
    the volume still goes up or down its only the indicator that doesnt pop up when presing the buttons.

    but OMG i now i realise whats going on wats causing it in my case.

    i hate the slide down feature of the notifications center. it always gets in my way playing games or when trying to fine - scroll a full screen video clip, and i dont use it anyway. so after doing some searching i disabled it using this:

    but this this trick has to be repeated after a reboot so i rebooted, the volume idicator worked again, i do the trick for disabeling notifictn centr and immediately after it  the volume idicator disappeared!
    ok so now i have to choose between the irretating NC or no volume indicator! i think i go with no NC and no volume idicator... :s
    i hope this can help somehow  in your case

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    I found a solution wich worked for me, just put the power cable in and out several times... It´s an oxydation of the dock.


    Tell me if it works for you...

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    My wifes phone was having this issue and even rebooting it didn't help.  However Txiw's trick did.  Nicely done.  Thank you.