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Sharya Level 1 (0 points)

i m wondering to buy a mac n surely i will buy it soon but i had some ques

1) macs slows down with data as windows does ??

2) crashes or viruses are frequent ??

3) any technical issues with os ??

4) the advantage of windows over mac os ??

  • dominic23 Level 8 (36,390 points)

    1. No, if you have enough memory installed.

    2. Crashes are infrequent. Virus non-existent.

    3. To my knowledge, None.

    4. Better for playing games.

  • Sharya Level 1 (0 points)

    u are using which mac ??

    a non customized mac pro 13 inch gives sufficient memory ??

  • Courcoul Level 6 (12,725 points)
    1. ...and enough free space in the hard drive too.
    2. But still, not even MacOS X can be a substitute for common sense.
    3. Will need to unlearn the Windows bad habits of a lifetime. The learning curve is quick, fortunately.
    4. The **** thing is all over the place, and those guys get envious when they see your Mac.
  • Sharya Level 1 (0 points)

    personally i dnt like windows any more and i feel mac os is much more advanced then the windows

  • dominic23 Level 8 (36,390 points)

    I am using 15" MBP with 4GB memory.


    MBP 13" comes with 4GB memory installed. That is good enough.



  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,645 points)

    Note that you're getting a fairly dumbed-down view of the whole virus issue so far.  People like to play word games with this topic.  It's important to understand that malware does exist for the Mac, so that you don't let a false sense of security behave in dangerous ways.  Of course, there's been several orders of magnitude less malware released for the Mac in the last 10 years than appears for Windows every day, on average, so you'll probably never see any malware...  but it's still possible.  For the full story on Mac malware, see my Mac Malware Guide.  (Note that my pages contain links to other pages that promote my services, and this should not be taken as an endorsement of my services by Apple.)


    Also, regarding whether the stock 13" MBP has enough memory for you, it is impossible to answer accurately without knowing what you plan on doing with your computer.  If you're a graphic designer, for example, who needs a lot of memory and power, 4 GB may not be enough, and for that matter, a 13" MBP might not be right for you.  What do you plan on doing with it?

  • Sharya Level 1 (0 points)

    thank you

    i am glad to read all this but i m a college student and i just need a mac to sync my idevices watch film download stuffs and imovie and garage band

    so i guess 4 gb is enough for all these stuffs ?

    thanks for your concern

  • Courcoul Level 6 (12,725 points)

    Since one of the basic rules of apple survival is Never Buy RAM From Apple, you'll be good to go with the stock RAM config (4GB). Once you've put it thru its paces, if you determine more RAM would benefit your workflow, the process is straightforward and less expensive (8GB upgrade: $200 from Apple, ~$50 from RAM vendors, for the same stuff).


    A few other thoughts:

    • On a portable, the display and the processor cannot be upgraded; shoot for the biggest, meanest config you can afford in order to maximize the useful lifetime and resaleability of the portable.
    • Many people find the glossy display hard to use outdoors or in brightly lit locations; try to examine a MBP with the antiglare option before making a decision, your eyes will thank you.
    • The AppleCare 2-year warranty extension (for a total coverage of 3 years) is indispensable for portables that lead a much more hazardous life; however, it needs to be activated before the base one year warranty is out, so you purchase and activate it in the last month or two and don't have to spend the $300+ up front.